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2017 Cultural Planning Initiative

In January 2017, Creative Portland embarked on a cultural planning initiative to encourage partnerships and collaborations within the arts and culture community. CivicMoxie, a planning, urban design, and placemaking consultant from Boston, was hired to conduct a citywide report assessing current strategic plans from major arts organizations and city partners in Portland. Comparing those plans with other studies initiated by the Office of Economic Development, including our last citywide cultural plan (Celebrating Community 1998) and the current Comprehensive Plan adopted by city council in June 2017, CivicMoxie has prepared a phase 1 executive summary report based on the existing plans and on community feedback.

As part of Phase 1 of our current initiative, Civic Moxie interviewed and/or conducted focus groups with approximately three dozen stakeholders, representing arts and cultural orgainzations, artists, city partners and creative enterprises.

Working together as a community, we collectively acknowledge that the growing arts and culture sector is the foundation of the creative economy. We have culled together here an executive summary Phase 1 report, several arts planning and advocacy reports reflecting best practices, national and regional survey reports, and other research highlighting sucecssful arts planning.


1. Executive Summary Report from CivicMoxie


2. "Best in Practice" sample city reports: review documents reavealing cities that benefit from explicit arts district planning, general cultural planning and arts planning. 


3. National & regional survey reports 


4. Other arts planning, creative placemaking & research links highlighting the arts as a major economic driver for the creative economy




Creative Portland

Creative Portland is the official arts agency for the City of Portland. Its mission is to leverage, grow, and sustain Portland's creative economy while also supporting artists and cultural institutions that are central to Portland's identity and community.