Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Job Graphic Designer / PureWire Publishing

Lives In Parkside

design is my job, bicycles are my release, music is my passion

Other Portlanders

James Cradock

I don't believe in taglines. Ask me what I think is cool.

Zack Anchors

I work with words and paddles

Michael Henderson

Media professional - Operations and Production Management

Nathan Hann

My day job is in coffee which fuels my passion for photography.


I'm a kind, creative soul, new to Portland, looking to contribute to the community

David Addison

I employ creatives and together we build marketing platforms for ski mountains...

Jessie Lacey

Visual arts & thoughtful, responsive design

Jake Christie

I believe in the power of storytelling.

Conor Leigh Tubbs

I write, I sing and I perform.

Heather Anne Wright

Technical and creative problem solver for the scientific community

Dominic White

I paint things that are important to people and I help small businesses get found online.