Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Job Graphic Designer / PureWire Publishing

Lives In Parkside

design is my job, bicycles are my release, music is my passion

Other Portlanders

Sally Newhall

I love to create synergy: people, places, ideas, and concepts that lead to awesome events!

Matthew A. K. Smith

I design & build fast, responsive websites.

Rachel Horton White

I help people uncover who they really are and what they're meant to be doing.

Joseph Gomes

I'm a creative type focused on the digital space, tho still actively involved in film and tv.

Chris Reed

Architect of modern myths

June Fitzpatrick

I show art that fills and excites me.

2° Portland Connector

Nancy Charlebois

I help patients find balance and wellness!

Kristine England

Writer, Newcomer,Convert

Kristen Stake

I make Postmodern dance happen

Kevin Thomas

Loving and publishing the Maine experience via numerous media platforms.

David Addison

I employ creatives and together we build marketing platforms for ski mountains...

Mara Higgins

I Provide Locals with Stylish Offers