Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Megan Hevenor

I make flower arrangements with Maine goodies.

Job Florist and flower farmer

Lives In Munjoy Hill

I design with flowers I grow myself, source from local farmers, and pull from Maine woods and meadows.  

Other Portlanders

Tessa O'Brien

I paint on walls, wood, canvas, and paper.

Michael Henderson

Media professional - Operations and Production Management

Nancy Strojny

I connect entrepreneurs with resources

Greta Rybus

Can I take your photo?

Rob Landry

Setting the standard for web from Portland

Mara Higgins

I Provide Locals with Stylish Offers

Samuel Strickland

I design, build & teach the web to enrich lives & businesses.

Geoff Keating

I add logic to the chaotic world of marketing.

Susan Conley

I teach story writing throughout Greater Portland and connect published authors with student writers.

Lloyd Metcalf

Art, D&D, life

Adria Moynihan Rusk

I create learning and teaching opportunities for Maine artists