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Art @ The Chamber
Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce
Creative Portland will be curating the entryway of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce with artists Kifah Abdullah, Telena Fiske, and Noriko Sakanishi. Kifah Abdulla (Portland) is an artist, poet, writer, teacher, activist, and world citizen. Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, he studied art with renowned Iraqi artists in Baghdad, which served as his true beginning as a practicing artist after he returned from over eight years as a prisoner of war in Iran. His current abstract work uses the Arabic alphabet as an essential element, in which he finds a potential energy and unlimited free movement. http://www.kifahabdulla.com Yelena Fiske (Portland) was born in the large industrial city of Podol’sk in Soviet Russia. In the wake of the fall of the USSR, she became fascinated by the ideas of Kandinsky and Malevich, abstract artists whose work was banned during the Soviet era. She moved to Portland in 1999 where she graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Fine Arts degree. Her present work reflects her fascination with perception of the world around her, and Gray II addresses a crumbling and renewing structure of society. http://yelenafiske.weebly.com Noriko Sakanishi (Portland) began her career as an artist sculpting stone and wood. Her approach to art, any form of art, is largely intuitive, but this is certainly true of her drawings: she sets the formal limitations to what she is about to do, which are usually geometric, and then releases herself in the format. https://norikosakanishi.com Image credit: Gray II, Yelena Fiske, ink and watercolor on paper