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Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Job Sr. Art Dir. / Kemp Goldberg Partners

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I try not to be an ass.

Other Portlanders

Samuel Strickland

I design, build & teach the web to enrich lives & businesses.

Ryan McGowan

I compose and create sound design for theater and podcasts.

Chris Korzen

Working to build Portland's tech economy

Tina Lewis

I help people create unforgettable experiences, and make it rain on non-profits.

Louise Morris

I help people feel better

Allen West

There are things that haven't been done before. I'm picking them off one by one.

Jessie Lacey

Visual arts & thoughtful, responsive design

Andrew Foster

I show people my favorite things the way I see them

Anna Patterson

Living in a world of words.

Johanna Moore

I make things and I fix things