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Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Job Graphic Designer / PureWire Publishing

Lives In Parkside

design is my job, bicycles are my release, music is my passion

Other Portlanders

Hugh McCormick

Can be found outside or designing ... or designing outside.

William Hessian

The canvas killer who plans to predict the future with his artwork


I get to work with the the most amazing artists while they're still students!

Heather Chontos

Art and Design Consultant

June Fitzpatrick

I show art that fills and excites me.

Jennifer Kosinchuk

I provide enlightenment of the senses with essential oils, herbs, flowers and fine art.

Dela Murphy

I'm a Portlander for life, dedicated to strengthening community in our city.

Kate Beever

I'm pioneering the field of music therapy here in Maine.

2° Portland Connector

Jennifer Hutchins

I promote and support Portland's creative economy

Sophie Nelson

I talk and think and read and write about my favorite state and the people who live here