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Kevin Brooks

I'm a web developer who speaks design.

Brian Danz

I help people use technology to enrich and simplify their lives. I also ride bikes. A lot.

Samuel Cousins

I make photos and build cool things.

David Addison

I employ creatives and together we build marketing platforms for ski mountains...

Becky McKinnell

Hand crafted websites from the waterfront of Portland, Maine!

Elliot Murphy

I write code and talk to people.

Geoff Keating

I add logic to the chaotic world of marketing.


I transform your vision into effective digital content through the use of interactive web, video and mobile solutions

Jay Casavant

I recruit technology + upper level managment people

Leon Vanella

Addicted to capturing and interpreting the world around me.

James Cradock

I don't believe in taglines. Ask me what I think is cool.

Audra Lynn Bayette Sinclair

I help teams create and publish content and stories on the internet

Ed McKersie

I partner with Maine companies to build their most important asset...their team.

Martin Connelly

Words, pictures, code, and tea

Sam Mateosian

Attempting to build a non-dystopian future

Patrick Kenney

I help people turn great ideas into great digital experiences.

Chris Korzen

Working to build Portland's tech economy

Matthew Taylor

I am a menace around town.

Rob Landry

Setting the standard for web from Portland

Mike Desjardins

I build the internet

Omar Chaar

Equipment reliability? What's that?

Lanna Lee Maheux

Seeks adventures in conversation. And a good time.

Gordon Holman

Building inspired custom websites, animation & logo design in Portland since 2002.

2° Portland Connector

Christian MilNeil

Amalgamated industries of the liberal arts.

Luke Thomas

I build & grow internet companies.

Steve Pogson

I build businesses with marketing, technology, and simplicity

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