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Veronica A, Perez

I work to help Portland's neurodivergent community thrive in the arts scene.

Job Art Coordinator/Curator / Bomb Diggity Arts

Lives In Westbrook

I work as a PA and Art Coordinator at Bomb Diggity Arts. I am also a sculptor and my work can been seen at

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Katherine Englishman

Writing about the outdoors from inside.

2° Portland Connector

Meg Schroeter

I like to feed people

Erin Hutton

I focus on creative solutions first and foremost; offering expert advice and ideas to support artists in Portland's creative community.

2° Portland Connector

Andy Graham

I want to use public policy to make Portland a more joyful place.

Sarah Whitling

Arts administrator passionate for all visual arts and arts education.

Jessica Beebe

I take the expected and make it unexpected.

John Elliott

I enrich lives through music.

Daniel B. Knight

Creativity in the margins

Christoph Gelfand

I search for truth.


I build brands that catch fire

Chris Bennett

The key to life is directly correlated to the number of adventures one has.